BG Performance Superbike School
Superbike School
Course Levels

Level One

This is for our beginner riders. If you have basic motorcycle skills but it is your first time on the racetrack, we will teach you everything you need to know about getting started. The most important is for us to teach you racetrack safety rules, and basic riding tips. Our instructors will lead you around the track slowly so that you can get acquainted with the racetrack environment. As the lessons goes on, we will observe your riding style and give you helpful advice on how to improve. What we want to teach you is confidence on the racetrack, smooth braking and throttle control, as well as smooth riding lines.

Level Two

For riders that have been on the track before; we will start to teach you some of the finer points of motorcycle racing. We will focus more on explaining racing lines, adjusting your corner entry and exit speeds, and braking. We will also teach you how to analyze the racetrack, and pick good reference points. Again, our trainers will follow you, observe your riding style, and give you pointers. What we want to teach you is how to perfect your leaning style, proper racing lines, and how to be smoother on the brakes and get on the gas.

Level Three

In this level, we will teach you how to lose those extra seconds you’ve been wasting on your lap times. We will start to teach you how and where to gain speed by analyzing your riding. At this level, we will also start to work with you on learning how to adjust the settings on your motorcycle in order for you to improve the bike’s feeling and your confidence.

Level Four

This is our highest level. Here, we will teach you more about racing strategies, tire management, and race management, as well as give you a more in depth lesson on bike set-up. This level is for the more serious racers; motorcycle racing is a very technical sport, and for the real serious racers, bike set up can make big differences in lap times. Our trainers will teach you more in-depth about suspension, gearing, engine set up, and choosing the right tires.

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