TITLE: 2010中国宝马摩托车大会2010 China BMW Motorrad Festival

Most people know of China Motorcycles either as the world’s biggest producer of small capacity (100-150cc) motorcycles that riders only use them for rural commuting or they know that most China cities banned the use or registration of Motorcycles, but most people don’t even know that there are big communities of Big capacity Motorcycles all over China.
BMW is the one of the earliest Motorcycle brand who has officially imported Motorcycles into China since the mid 2000 , but for years,  the road to homologate and importing a foreign Motorcycle in China was extremely hard and painful , so Big Bike ownerships has been decreasing year by year until recently Beijing (from 2007) and Shanghai (08) ,with some form of restrictions,  started to allow the registration of officially imported big capacity motorcycles, this has allow BMW, Harley who has been in the China much earlier and from 2010, Ducati and Benelli also set up dealerships in Beijing and Shanghai giving the big bike market a much needed boost.
In the past few years, China’s BMW Motorcycle official importer and distributor:  Beijing Roader BMW has been organizing a annual BMW Motorrad festival for all the BMW owners in China, this is due to, since the re-opening of Motorcycles registration in Beijing and Shanghai, BMW has been selling a lot more bikes in these 2 cities, so the number of riders attending the last couple of BMW China Motorrad has been growing year by year.
In 2009, China BMW held their annual Motorrad Festival at the Tai Ping Lake holiday resort outside the beautiful scenic city of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province. The event  has rec’d such great  support from the Huangshan Gov’t that everyone present was having a great time,  so it is decided that the 2010 BMW Motorrad will also be held at the same venue during the long Duan wu Jie holiday (Dragon Boat Festival) from 14-16/6/2010.
BG’s Pro Motorcycle Training team was hired by Roader Motorcycles Beijing Limited to run a Advance Safety riding training course for some of the BMW riders during the Festival, so on 13/6/2010, BG boss Steven has to rush to Huangshan direct from attending the Italy ECIMA- China Motorcycle Exhibition at Beijing, and senior instructor Sammo has to travel from Zhuhai, and Lee Hao, BG’s Shanghai Motorsport manager has to joint the 2 from Shanghai.  
On 14/6/2010, BMW riders and club teams started to arrived at the Beautiful Lake side resort town of Tai Ping Lake, by late afternoon, hundreds of BMW riders and their families gathered at the opening the Hotel chatting to friends that they have not met for some time.
The biggest surprise was a tab on Steven’s Shoulder by a big group of about 15 mostly BMW Hong Kong riders taking the rare long holiday occasion, rode the close to 2000 km from Hong Kong all the way to Huangshan and after hearing about the BMW Festival, the group rode to The Tai Ping lake resort to meet up with all their China compatriots , but due to their tight pre-set schedule, they have to leave the Festival in the late afternoon and continue their journey to other scenic places.
In the morning of 15/6/2010, The BMW Motorrad Festival was held at the Tai Ping Gov’t City Square, by 11 am, hundreds of BMW and some other made Motorcycles arrived at the Square, the Huang shan Gov’t’s  top officials after making their welcome speech, officially opened the 2010 China BMW Motorrad Festival.
The Huge bikers Group then proceed to ride around Huang Shan Town center. It was estimated that over 400 BMW and other made Motorcycles rode around the City during the morning, then different bikers started to organize their own little tour group to explore the many famous scenic places around the Huangshan region.
2-3 pm was the classroom lecture session, close to 60 BMW riders attended the Classroom sessions, in the beginning, due to some of the riders are quite veteran riders who’d been riding for many years and was skeptical about what they can learnt, but with the lecture going more and more into advance technical details especially on the knowledge of Tyres and Braking,  riding skill such as Counter Steering, clutchless shifting, body positions … everyone was paying close attentions to what was taught and more and more questions were asked on Riding skill and performance enhance parts for their bikes.
The Obstruction course consisted of a Shalom, a figure 8,  then a full radius turn out to a dead end with narrow side openings, follow by a high speed section ended in a emergency braking box, the last is a narrow u turn before you come back to the end of the starting line.
Each of the riders were allowed to have 3 runs before they have to take the final timed run which to decide if they can pass the training course’s minimum requirement.
During the 2 hours riding session, we have seen riders with many different skill level, there was quite a few  tip over especially  at the tight u-turn part but other then a few small scratches to their bikes and some bruised ego, everyone attend the Riding course passed the test and were all in great spirits.
The highlight of the course was,  at the end , when some of the BMW riders recognized our Sammo as the Stunt Pro who they had seen from many China’s Press and Media reports , then everyone wanted to see if the myth of “ its extremely hard  to use a BMW to do proper stunts” is true ,   So Sammo, after a BMW rider gracefully lend us his new F800GS,  performed some of his best stunts with the F800GS,  Everyone including some of the press and Media reports were really  excited to have seen stunt at this level especially on a totally stock BMW endure bike.
The Festival ended with a grand party in the evening on the big open Grass ground of the Hotel, hundreds of these BMW riders and families was there enjoying the Festive atmosphere , there was Live Music, DJ’s,  Games for the members and BG’s Sammo was on stage presenting the Training Certificates to all the riders who’d passed the training course and everyone was in high spirit.
16/6/2010 is a open day for all the BMW riders to explore more of the Huang Shan resort but due to BG’s had a big team racing at this weekend’s Zhuhai Pan Delta Racing Festival, so the team has to rush back to Zhuhai providing all the support to this weekend.
According to the organizer, 325 registered BMW riders attended the event, but we are sure there were many more bikes and riders at the Festival as a lot of the BMW riders were late arriving so they did not register in time, and there were around another 40-50 other made Motorcycles also joined the event making a estimated total attendance of over 400 bikes and 6-700 personnel in total.
The Big Bike scene in China has been changing a lot since the last decade, a lot of these older and badly maintained bikes from the last decade has been gone from the market replaced by more and more brand new or very new used bikes being imported and sold in China, while the total number of big bike presence in the whole of China has decreased a lot since the last 10 years mainly due to the tough Motorcycle Banning law in most China cities, but the standard and price level of these bikes has increased many times due to riders are more into buying newer used or brand new bikes so that they’re sure about the quality and safety of the motorcycles they’re on.
At the Performance product market in China, although more and more independent bike shops in China is trying to bring in some Performance products into China, but due to the homologation rules and import duties and tax in China, these brand do not have much influence in the China market.
BG, with our recent non-stop weekly training course, Stunt shows and track days, we have managed to spread our branding and products into more and more regions of China.
With this BMW Motorrad event, we have met and get to know Bike clubs, groups and bikers from at least 7-8 province of China and everyone was thankful for what they’d learnt and was happy to keep in contact for all their performance component needs.
We’d like to thank China Beijing BMW Roader for giving us this great opportunity to offer our Training course to all these BMW riders and to all the riders who attended this event making it a even bigger success then all the previous China BMW Motorrad.
从2000年代中期,宝马摩托车开始进入中国市场,是最早正式进口的摩托车品牌之一, 但是由于中国的汽车和摩托车的商检过程极为繁杂和费用极高,以至大排量摩托车在中国的拥有量逐年递减,直到近年来,北京(自2007)上海(自2008)在间接程度上开始允许正规进入中国的部分宝马、哈雷大排量摩托车上牌,这样的情况令到市场得到了改观,之后在2010年,意大利的杜卡迪和贝纳利也在北京和上海建立了经销商,这给中国的大排量摩托车市场带来了一股极为需要的推动力。


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