marchesini M9RS 杜卡迪专用镁合金/铝合金轮毂

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M9RS for Ducati

Marchesini推出了新轮框M9RS Corse,这标志着由镁合金铸造的陆用轮框回归市场。在竞争最为激烈的摩托车比赛中,有9根Ψ形轮毂,风格独特的镁制轮框应运而生。
这款轮框将和限量版Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superleggera一起上市,同期发行的还有一些其他的镁合金制品。
Marchesini presents its brand new wheel M9RS Corse, which marks the return to the production of magnesium alloy forged wheels for road use.
These new magnesium wheels have a 9-spoke design in PSI (Ψ) with a clear racing style, developed in the most extreme international motorcycle competition.
The M9RS rims combine these competition features in compliance with strict validation standards necessary for original equipment homologation, while improving – if compared to ordinary aluminium models - the vehicle dynamics and changes of direction thanks to a 14% reduction in weight and a 16% reduction in inertia.
This wheel will premiere on the new Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superleggera, produced in limited edition and designed with several other components made of magnesium alloy.