Motorcycle Shaolin

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Motorcycle Shaolin
        Over the centuries, China Kungfu heralded the Shaolin Temple as the master of all
      Matial Arts,so graduates from Shaolin was to be the master of the Trade.
        In the US, MMI (Motorcycle Mechanic Institute) is to be the Shaolin of all Motorcycle
      mechanics,as their advance and high level training courses help Mechanics to learn
      all the in depth knowledge in Motorcycle Mechanics, electronics, Tuning, Dyno and
      Motorsport settings.
        All Motorcycle dealers, tuning shops always welcome graduates from MMI with
      open Arms.
        At August 2017, BG welcomes Liam, Liu Chang joining the BG Beijing Operation as
      the senior Mechanic at our Beijing Tech centre.
        Liam Studied in the US in Environmental Science for a few years, but due to his great
      passion in Motorcycling,Liam instead enrolled into the MMI and spend close to 2
      years in Motorcycle Mechanics, electronics, Dynoing,especially in the servicing and
      mechanical of BMW, Yamaha motorcycles and Dyno Tuning.
        With Liam’s formal training and BG’s many years of Motorsport advance mechanical
      knowledge, and many of BG’s marketing 2 wheels high performance products such as
      TEXA Motorcycle Diagnostic PC, Bazzaz Tuning ECU and Dyno, Bermbo brakes and
      Bitubo suspensions. we’re sure BG and Liam will provide all of our Bikers a most
      professional bike set up and service.
        BG welcomes Liam and our other new Members such as George at our Beijing
      Sales,  Jay at our Hong Kong Sales office and we’re sure they’ll provide the best
      service to our members and suppliers.