A Great 2017 SBK Season for BG Team and Our Partners (Despite the difficulties)

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The 2017 Zhuhai Pan Delta Racing Festival finally ended on a hot and Dry 16-17/9/2017 Weekend at the China Zhuhai Circuit, instead of the heavy rain stormed  last March and June Pan Delta Rounds causing the cancellation of  one of the original TWO SBK Race at each event, so instead of 6 rounds in 2017,  the annual SBK races can has 4 rounds instead.
Coming to the Sept race, BG and our Pro rider Alex Cudlin was well prepared for battling to the top,  so by Tue, BG team and our partner Team Dan Kruger Racing and Japan'sTeam JP are at Zhuhai setting up bikes and riders ready for the weekend race.
The 2017 Pan Delta race has the highest level of SBK racing ever in China, 6 of the world抯 Pro teams and riders was at the 2017 Pan Delta SBK race making it a most exciting race to watch for all the fans and spectators.
On Friday Qualifying,  1000cc Open A class Rider, Aussie ASBK Championship Daniel Falzon took the pole followed closely with BG抯 Alex Cudlin in the 1000cc Open Class B.
Due to the last min change of the BG Team from the 1st Pan Delta March race in the 1000cc Open Class A to the June Race to 1000cc B Class, so we've to forfeit the hard earned 16 points (Alex came 3rd in the Class)  and starting from "0"at Race 2.  BUT fortunately,  Due to the successful Team Tactics at the Dry and Wet Track during the June race.. BG‘s Alex won the Class and came home 2nd overall right after Ex world WSBK. BSB Pro rider Broc Parkes?
Everyone was excited at the 1st Race on Sat,  The Fri qualifying was a tight match with Daniel on pole and Alex on 2nd place.
Came the Race on Sat, at the start of the race, everyone was horrified seeing Alex taking a crazy jump start way before the light went off, and despite Alex trying as hard as he could, he did manage to cross the flag in 3th overall and 2st in his Class,  but due to the Jump Start, Alex was being penalized for 50 seconds and finally getting 6th place and 10 points adding to the Championship.
On the Sunday Race, again everyone was really excited as Alex will need all the 25 points in order to be 3rd in the Year Championship, so after a good prep talk between Steven and Alex,  the Spirits are high and Alex did took the hole shot at the start but with a prefect launch leading the pack for the 1st lap..  but due to Daniel was in a different class and in order to protect his full 25 points, Alex rode a perfect race at a really smooth pace..
But the race was not to be peaceful  as many top riders crashes even from Lap 1 with the Ducati Ho Chi Fung, then there were another 5-6 more bikes crashed especially with the 600 Championship hopeful, Yamaha's Li Zheng Peng crashing twice, it was later reported by the crashed riders that the track was very slippery especially at Turn 7, where most of the crashed happened.
To everyone's delight, Alex took the full 25 points by winning the 1000cc Class B race and took the 3rd place in the Year Championship. But this gave us the will to do good again in 2018.
After the race, Alex and BG's 2 Stunt Pro's were asked to meet the Fans and a autograph session at the Spectators' square,  even before the riders arrived at the Autograph session, huge crowds were already lining up waiting to meet their race idols and to take photo with them..
The 2017 Pan Delta SBK Championship, despite it was a big let down due to the weather at the 1st and 2nd Round of the season giving all the Teams and riders only 4 races in the season,  but the level of racing has to be the highest in all History of China racing,  BG's absence of 9 years racing in China did achieved a great result to give to all of our sponsors, supporters, fans and Bikers.. and in 2018, we've already planning much bigger projects with Greater China's Motorcycle Racing sport and with our partners in
- Speed Master Lubricants
- Japan's Team JP
- Japan's RS Itoh Team
BG would like to thanks all of our sponsors in all the World's Top performance Brands as represented by BG in the Greater China market, with their Great High performance products, our Team and riders can achieve such great results and we've all looking for a even bigger 2018 season .
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